Telecommunication Services And Electrical Services

AAA Network Solutions Inc. specializes in full-service voice, data, CATV networking and electrical wiring for all your connectivity needs. We sell, design and maintain business communications systems and provide professional, courteous service and high-quality equipment at a fair price.

AAA Network Solutions Inc. installs wire management systems for virtually every type of computer and telecommunication network. We provide installers such as AMP, Avaya/Lucent Technologies, Cisco, General Cable, Levition and more. We offer:

  • Telecommunication services
  • LAN/WAN infrastructure system consultation, design and implementation
  • System integration services
  • Consultation, design and implementation
  • Electronic equipment such as Cisco, Avaya/Lucent, Nortel, SMC, D-Link
  • LAN wireless systems such as Cisco, Avaya/Lucent, Nortel (We currently offer free consultation with site-survey and AutoCAD drawing)
  • Telecom network cabling
  • Inter-building/intra-building cabling system design and implementation
  • Voice, data, CATV, CCTV & paging system installation
  • Fiber-optic cable installation
  • Fusion/mechanical splicing
  • Fiber terminations
  • Backbone cable installation
  • Voice-feeder backbone cable up to 2,400 pair count
  • CATV coaxial backbone cable
  • Hybrid fiber-optic cable